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Losing Weight The Loving Way (My Video Interview With Ali Washington)

By April 20, 2016 No Comments

I met Ali from the Perception Trainers online about three years ago when we both wrote articles for Young And Raw.

I instantly loved her vibe, her message and wit. I emailed her after reading her article and that’s how we connected. It’s pretty rare that I do that, actually that was the only time I ever emailed another author to tell how I loved their work. I just had this urge to connect with her.

And here, three years and many messages later, we got together and talked about how we need to change our perception about our bodies, health and weight.

Our stories might be different, but we arrived to very similar conclusions in our own journeys – that your body is not your enemy, it always has your back and going against biology by using willpower never works. Never has, never will.

Ali is not only an anorexia survival but is also thriving post recovery. She shares incredible wisdom and tools through her Youtube videos. Check her out! You can thank me later ;)

So here’s our interview where we talk about the basic mindset shifts that must take place in order for you to find your healthiest body and body weight.

Hope you enjoyed the interview!

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