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How To Enjoy A Low-fat Vegan Diet

By February 13, 2013 No Comments

Background of My Food Perception 

I grew up in a family where food was a very important part of our life. Family get-togethers and all the holidays were always based around food. My mom is a great cook and she always makes food look very pretty and appealing. I had that unconscious connection in my mind linking beautifully prepared food with warmth, safety and cosiness. I believe that’s the case in many families and also one of the biggest reasons why we are so attached to some foods and even have uncontrollable addictions in some instances.

When I moved from my home, I replaced my nice family meals with eating out. I felt a need to sit down to a meal and enjoy it, either with my boyfriend, friends or just by myself. When I was cooking, I always made sure that the table was nicely prepared, and the food looked attractive.

“Un-cooking” on High Fat Raw Diet

When I switched to a raw food diet, I stopped cooking but I was still putting a lot of time and effort into the preparation of food, in fact even more than when I was cooking. Blending, slicing, processing, dehydrating, layering… Fancy raw cakes, lasagnas, pizzas, salad dressings, sushi rolls, tacos, burritos, you name it. It was a high fat gourmet raw cuisine that I was enjoying, but it didn’t last long. Although in the beginning of this diet I felt great and energized, the ubiquitous amount of nuts, seeds and oils were robbing me of my energy, getting my skin clogged and making me gain weight.

Challenges on a Low-fat Raw Vegan Diet

I did some research and switched to a low fat raw vegan diet which I’m still on and which I strongly recommend. It almost freed me from food preparation, which is a great thing if you want to save time. However, peeling bananas or drinking smoothies were not exciting to me. Not going out for dinners was also hard.

So I had these two issues: 1) food and eating wasn’t attractive and enjoyable anymore: 2) I was really missing going out to the restaurants.

I knew that if I didn’t solve these issues, I wouldn’t be able maintain this lifestyle permanently.  By that time I had already noticed the difference: I had lots of energy to exercise and reach my personal best results, my skin cleared up, I lost weight, and just in general felt amazing. So I was really motivated to continue.

How I Solved These Challenges

I am a big believer that we all have all the answers within us. We just need to know what questions to ask ourselves. I asked myself “how can I enjoy my fruit meals, especially mono meals like bananas”? And just by asking myself, I automatically became more creative!

  1. Cutting fruit and placing it in a nice place makes the all difference in the world! Even nicely cutting peeled bananas and eating them in dessert form makes me feel like I’m eating a fancy dessert.
  2. Try decorating your plate with some fresh mint or edible flowers.
  3. Do some research how to cut fruit in a nicer way.
  4. Research some low fat raw vegan recipes. You’ll be surprised how easy and delicious they are!
  5. Try new fruit that you haven’t eaten before. The variety is very important to both nutrition and enjoyment of this lifestyle. Try mangosteen, rambutan, lyches, or other fruit that you don’t normally eat as your staple.
  6. In terms of the second issue, I had to ask myself, ”What was it that made me want to go out?” I found that it was an issue of reconnecting with loved ones, getting away from home, and feeling comfortable.  Again I had to ask myself whether I could achieve it without going to a restaurant. I came up with an answer:
  7. Getting away from home and spending time with the loved ones (your partner and family) is all you need to do. Go for a walk, do outdoor or indoor sports together, organize a picnic at a park or on the beach.
  8. A day without gadgets really helps to reconnect with your loved ones. Me and my partner decided that once a week or once every fortnight we would switch off all our devices (including mobile phones, computers, TV, etc.). You will be surprised how much more attentive and giving we can be without all these gadgets. Checking emails, Facebook or Twitter, watching TV or YouTube videos takes an incredible amount of time. Once you stop all those activities, you actually start focusing more on your other half, their needs and desires. It’s a great way to reconnect.
  9. Invite your friends or family to your house for a healthy fruity dinner. You can ask them to bring their own food if they’re not into eating low fat vegan.
  10. You can still go out to restaurants! Many restaurants serve nice salads and side dishes. Or you can explain to the waiter that you’re on a special diet and can only eat uncooked. I found that chefs are usually more than happy to create a special salad.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you enjoy this lifestyle more and stick to it for good!

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