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Don’t Aim For Weight Loss Before You Do This

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If you’re not in your best shape ever, I know why.
Almost everyone nowadays wants to lose some fat or improve their health. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know exactly what to do to be healthy and lose weight: eat fresh fruits and veggies, prepare hearty raw dishes, sweat and move your body.

But the question is: have you been doing all of it? Are you truly committed? Sometimes we know exactly WHAT and HOW to do it, but we still don’t achieve our goals.

When we want change, the most important thing is to be truly WILLING to change. You might think you want to drop 2 dress sizes, but you’re not ready and willing to give up your pizza and hit the gym daily. What often happens is people are setting themselves for a failure because they want something that they are not willing to work hard for.

It all starts with a decision in your mind and therefore you must have a strong ‘WHY’.
Need some help finding the ‘WHY’? Just think of the very best version of yourself. How would you treat yourself? What food and other lifestyle choices would you make daily? What rituals and habits would you have if you were a living example of your full potential? Would you find time for juicing and exercising?
Until you make that decision and make your health and fitness a priority, you will be going back and forth with your weight loss, and not achieving lasting results. I’m not saying that you need to decide NOW. Take your time, whenever you’re ready. The more relaxed and the less judging of yourself you do, the less time it will take for you to make that decision.

Once you make that decision and are sincerely willing to change, the Universe will conspire to help you achieve what you want. Books will fall off the shelf and teachers will show up in your life unexpectedly. Follow the signs.

I wish you to become the very best version of yourself, no matter what that means to you.

Osha Key

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