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My Ultimate Happiness Formula

By May 6, 2014 5 Comments

Can there be a formula to happiness?

Not sure if there’s a universal one, but I’d like to share my ultimate happiness formula.

It goes like this: only do the things that make you happy and bring joy to your life! If you have to do something you don’t enjoy (let’s face it, we sometimes have to do the things that are not so pleasurable), then you have these two options:

1) Don’t do it. Get someone else to do it for you, or skip this task completely
2) Change your attitude towards the thing that you have to do, and do it with joy!

Hate your job? Create a plan how you can change it. Don’t like doing the laundry? Get someone else to do it for you, or change your attitude towards the task. For example, put on the loud music, sing, dance and have a blast while doing it!

You’re in control of your life, and deserve to live it the way you want. That’s your innate right.

You might have a resistance towards this idea. I can almost hear you saying: “But you don’t understand, maybe it’s easy for you. But you don’t know my situation, I’ve got to do x, y, z that I hate and there’s no way to go around it!”

But let me ask you: How did you get into this situation? Has someone forced you into it?

Just be honest with yourself. You have a free will and can always change your situation. Be brave, you can do it! And it’s going to be worth it.

I understand that not everyone will resonate with this idea, and that’s fine. I’m not here to convince you or disabuse you of your own beliefs. I’m here to share inspiration with those, who long for a change and are ready to improve their lives.

So the next time you feel the resistance towards doing something, ask yourself: What can I do to avoid this task? Or, how can I do it and enjoy myself?

The action of asking yourself these questions makes an instant shift in your attitude. And you’ll be nicely surprised by the answers that will pop in your head.

This ultimate happiness formula has helped me design the life that I so passionately love. If it inspires you too, leave a comment below, telling what you’re gonna do the next time you feel resistance towards doing something!

Much love,

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Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • Judie says:

    Thanks for sharing Osha! This sounds so simple, but so profound at the same time. The next time I feel I don’t want to do something, I’ll ask myself how can I do it and have fun while doing it? Some ideas have already come to my mind

  • Linda says:

    I love your attitude, Osha! OK, next time I face the challenge, I’ll try to implement your formula :)

  • Maria Jenkins says:

    I share very similar beliefs to yours, Osha! Since I stopped doing what I don’t like, the life became so much easier and more pleasurable! Eveyone deserves to live this way!

  • Carla says:

    Sounds good, but what do you do when you hate your job??

    • Osha Key says:

      Hey Carla, first of all I’d ask myself: Why am I staying in this job? And if it’s not possible to change something about it immediately, I would create a strategy how to change my situation.
      You might not know what your perfect job is, but by constantly asking yourself questions, one day you will get the answer. What do you like doing? What makes you alive?
      I understand exactly where you’re coming from because I’ve been doing unfulfilling jobs before.. I couldn’t say that I hated them, but my heart just wasn’t fulfilled. But instead of being unhappy, I tried to find things that made me enjoy those jobs. For example, I always worked with amazing people and used to remind it to myself.
      Then by asking myself lots of questions, I finally decided to start a career in a field of nutrition, because that was my biggest passion and helping people is what makes me alive and fulfilled!
      If you’re unhappy about your situation, always try to find things you’re grateful for. Perhaps the fact that you have a job at all could be one of them!
      Hope that helps <3

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