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Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss By Changing This Belief

By June 6, 2014 One Comment

I want to share with you a video, where I talk about this subconscious belief that I see in so many women. Could it be that this belief sabotages your weight loss efforts?

When I was overweight, I used to look at other beautiful girls and would feel envious.

“Wow, she’s got such beautiful slim legs.”


“That tight dress looks so go on her, as she has no “love handles” and super flat belly.”


“If only I could wear a dress with no sleeves… My chubby arms look horrible…”

But then the other thought used to come up: “Oh, I shouldn’t feel this way, I should just love and accept my body the way it is”. Bashing yourself for not loving yourself is kind of absurd and ridiculous. Think about it for a second. You cannot beat yourself up to the way of loving yourself.

This happens because we miss the most important concept about our bodies. And it is exactly what I’m talking about in this video. Hopefully it will make you see weight loss in a completely new perspective.

Watch today’s episode to see that new perspective, as it will make it so much easier and less painful to get in shape.

Next week I’ll share the weight loss technique that you can easily implement straight away, and see the incredible results. So stay tuned.

Much love,


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