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As a part of my 90 day “Fallen Guru” challenge, I decided to do my Lovetarian Way 8-week program.


I’m glad you’ve asked. Because I put in this program everything that had helped me change my mindset around my body and lose those 40 pounds of fat and keep it off for years.

Yes, I did gain weight again this year, and it’s mainly because I stopped using the Lovetarian principles.

As I’ve told many times before, knowing what to do and actually doing it – are two different things.
I have learned so many new things and have grown so much since I’ve created the Lovetarian Way, yet the main principles of this program are timeless and always effective.

In case you don’t know, the Lovetarian Way is a mindset coaching program that takes you by the hand, helps you DISCOVER the real deep reasons for carrying excess fat, and shows you how to RELEASE them, REPROGRAM your mind and find the MOTIVATION that brings long-term results.

If you also have weight to lose and want to do it in the most effective, sustainable and loving way, then I invite you to join the Lovetarian Way program! I’m going to give a special offer for the readers of this blog post! (19% off)
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So here’s my experience doing a program in 2016!

welcome-pagePreparation stage

It was kind of funny to watch myself in the video and learn from myself! I haven’t done it this way before! But I enjoyed watching the videos, and seeing myself in my fittest days reminded me of my goal and how much I want to go back to that shape.

In the preparation stage there were a few powerful rituals (letting go of the past and then getting committed to your goals) that I do over and over again. It was the first time I did it this year though, so it was great as it helped me refocus and get into the right mindset.

Module One – Going Deep and Strategy for Success

I’ll tell you – this module is no time waster!

The first part helps you to dig deep into the real psychological reasons why you’re carrying excess weight. I truly believe, from my own experience and from working with many clients, that weight gain is always just a result of what’s going on inside. So it also needs to be solved at a deeper level. But in order to do it, we first need to find those reasons and the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

strategy-for-successIt was great to do this again and discover what’s holding me back right now. I was so happy to see that many of my past beliefs have already been shifted and healed.

My major issues now have got to do with hiding, protection and trying to fulfil the inner void. I’m aware of it all now and are going to solve it at a deep level.

Another part of this module helps you prepare for the next 8 weeks with a smart strategy for success – planning and preventing all the potentially tricky situations, and also preparing a plan how to deal with them if they’ve already happened. It’s a really good tool to use, because no matter how focused and motivated you are, life always gets in the way. Having clear guidance how to deal with the crisis is absolutely crucial for staying on track.

I’m confident to say that I’ve got my strategy ready and I feel more focused and motivated to get back in shape that ever before!

Watch the space, ladies!

And if you also want to lose weight, start with working on your mindset! Need help? Start here.

Much love